North Sea Offshore ‘Veronica’ Race


Want the full ocean experience, but lack time? Crossing the most difficult and busiest sea with the North Sea Run might be perfect for you. The North Sea is important for marine life, transport, energy and tourism.

About this trip

  • North Sea Offshore ‘Veronica’ Race 2021
  • Colijnsplaat (NL) – Colijnsplaat (NL)
  • Race – 100 NM – 2 Days / 12 + 13 June 2021
  • € 690,00

The Veronica Race is probably the most notorious Dutch yacht race ever. The tidal conditions and fickle winds between the different peninsulas of Zeeland make it a tough and beautiful race at the  same time.

The early editions of the  race took 3 days of sailing towards the illegal pirate radio ship ‘Veronica’ and back. Today, the race starts in front of the Oosterschelde Bridge.  We sail towards the (former) illegal broadcasting ship ‘Veronica’, rounding it and sailing back to Zeeland, rounding Lightvessel Goeree as well.

In 1992 the conditions were beyond tough. In the upwind leg towards ‘Westhinder’ winds increased to extreme levels, with ditto waves. Most teams retired. Only 2 teams managed to finish. The bowman of the winning yacht ‘Foxy’ even had to climb the mast to cut the spinnaker halyard, prior to finishing this devastating race. The bowman Piet van Nieuwenhuizen later became known as a bowman in America’s Cup team Alinghi.

Skipper Hans Bouscholte confesses: “The ‘Veronica’ Race is a special race to me. My father already raced it in the early editions of the 70’s. Despite the many times we raced, we never won it. With this epic race one more time on the agenda, we have one more opportunity to do so. The 2021 goal is set.”

This edition is a truly historic one-of-a-lifetime race. The yachtclub of Colijnsplaat hosts the race. We finish in front of the Roompotlocks and – due to the low fixe bridge – leave BOUdragon waiting for us. Special transport brings us to the yachtclub where the chef Kees prepares the best steaks to the early finishers of the ‘Veronica’ Race. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and this memorable race.

The North Sea Offshore ‘Veronica’ Race 2021 counts as a qualifier event for the Fastnet Race 2021, where teams require minimum 300 NM of offshore races, including at least one night at sea. To master your role on board, we recommend to prepare with our Advanced Ocean Race training.
In addition to the qualifier mileage, and training, any offshore race requires safety certified trained sailors. Check if you need certifications or if they need updating. Consider at least: First Aid certification on board (3 year validity), Offshore Personal Survival Training (5 year validity) and VHF certification (lifetime validity).

Departure & Return Location

For the North Sea Offshore ‘Veronica’ Race 2021, crew will join the boat in Colijnsplaat (NL) for last minute and preparation of the boat before the race.

The finish is also in Colijnsplaat (NL).

On-shore accommodation, travel options and other logistics will be coordinated and shared in due time.

Price Includes

BOUdragon Yacht Charter


Accommodation on board


Meals at sea (self service)


Skipper / trainers




Consumables for the yacht (diesel, fuel and water)


Mooring Fees


Insurance for the yacht



Price Excludes

Airfares or other means of transportation


Meals offboard


Transfers airport-marina-airport


Shore based accommodation


Wet gear


Personal insurance
Additional specialty training


Recommended Advanced Ocean Race training

What to Expect?


To optimise teamwork and operate as a winning entity, we advise to prepare with our Advanced Ocean Race training by out top trainers. To feel at ease during the race, to be part of the crew and perform in the race as one team you need to train at least 4 days with us prior to the start in May. Without recommended training you can sail the race with us in a passive role, as a guest.

High safety standards

We demand and provide high safety standards of ‘man and materials’. We equip our yachts to comply to high safety standards. We provide the best trainers and skippers to prepare the team for the race. And we ask you and the other team members to take care of the necessary safety certifications and training to guarantee the safety of us all.

Competitive ocean racer

The full Race experience comes from pushing ourselves to the max and competing with other racing yachts. The racing yacht ‘BOUdragon’ is the fully upgraded former successful Whitbread-around-the-world racer ‘Silk Cut’.


Advanced Ocean Race training days

In order to fully perform with the team, we recommend to sign up to Advanced Ocean race training days prior to the start of North Sea Offshore ‘Veronica’ Race 2021.
2021 schedules are shared.

Specialty training

Being offshore requires safety certified trained sailors. Check if you need certifications or if they need updating. 2021 training schedules on the website.

June 12th preparation and start of North Sea Offshore ‘Veronica’ Race 2021.

Your next Ocean Race Experience?

Skippers / trainers

To experience a true ocean in an epic race requires perfect teamwork on a true ocean racing yacht.
Both Hans and Erik are best in class trainers and skippers:

Hans Bouscholte

A wel known well-known and former skipper of BrunelSunergy, also an entry in the 1997-98 race. He won 2 world champion titles, 4 european champion titles, 3 world record and 7 French champion titles.

Erik van Vuuren

One of the best all-round big boat sailors of the Netherlands. He won 2 world champion titles, 2 time winner of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, winner of the epic Admirals Cup, >25 times national champion, winner of the UK doublehanded national title, and teamcaptain of the 1st ever non-stop Atlantic kitesurf crossing.