At sea, you need to be fully prepared. As an individual and as a team. And as a team with specialists you can really make a difference. To improve your personal skills on board, we invite you to sign up the Advanced Ocean Race training. Our coaches will train with you to master the specific positions on board, in our successful structured training method. Being offshore requires safety certified trained sailors. Check if you need certifications or if they need updating. We strongly recommend you to prepare when joining our Races or Ocean Race Experiences, and mandatory for those enduring the Rolex Fastnet and Rolex Middle Sea Race (OSRcat2 races). For certifications, consider at least: First Aid certification on board (3 year validity), Offshore Personal Survival Training (5 year validity) and VHF certification (lifetime validity). Check our training schedule or ask the Team for assistance.

RYA First Aid at Sea

In a medical emergency, first aid knowledge and immediate action saves lives, especially in remote locations. In our one-day course you will learn working knowledge of first aid on board, tools and toolkits and to support skippers. The training covers first aid subjects, but from a boating perspective. It is aimed at anyone who goes afloat, whether on inland waters, rivers, estuaries or on cross channel passages.

RYA VHF/SRC license

A VHF radio is an important piece of safety equipment onboard. The RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate (SRC) is the minimum qualification required to operate marine VHF radio equipment and is internationally recognised. This includes both fixed and handheld equipment with and without Digital Selective Calling (DSC).

Offshore Personal Survival Training

Providing knowledge and practical drills for anyone going to sea or offshore racing of how to use the safety equipment on board and covering the theory and practice of preparing for heavy weather emergencies and abandonment at sea.

All-in-One Survival pack

OPST Sea Survival, Offshore Safety and RYA First Aid in one go.

All-in-One Safety pack

OPST Sea Survival, Offshore Safety and your internationally recognised RYA VHF/SRC license in one go.
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Advanced Ocean Race training
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At sea, you need to be prepared. As an individual and as a team. As a specialist you can really make a difference on board.